Traditional style has an elasticised waistband, with dome fastening and front zip. The leg seam starts at the hip, curves over the thigh to the knee, then straight down the front of the lower leg. They are top stitched in zig-zag. There is no inside seam. A patch gives extra padding inside the leg at the knee.
Easyfits are pull ups. The leg shaping is the same as the Traditional style. Non-roll elastic is threaded through the waistband casing. This elastic can easily be lengthened or shortened. Easyfit are popular for children, fuller figures, pregnancy and people in a hurry.
Stickies are also known as sticky bums, they have an artificial suede insert that gives grips to the saddle. They are made up as three separate panels. Artificial suede colour choices are white beige and black. The outer panel colour is of your choice- White, beige, plum, green, or black. For riders who find stickies too sticky a good alternative is stickie patches or long stickie patches put on to either Traditional or easyfit style. They also last longer.
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Turnout Breeches
turnout breeches
All turnout breeches are hand picked. Ladies breeches have a side opening at the waist with a concealed zip and dome. The main leg seam starts at the hip, curves over the thigh to the knee. It lines up with the lower leg opening. Six small leg buttons are traditionally spaced to allow the boot garter strap. Machine stitching secures the artificial suede patch. The crotch to the knee seam measurement is 38cm. Personalized changes include, lengthen or shortening the crotch to knee, the patch being handpicked, or exchanging the dome at the waist for a button.
Turnout Jodhpurs
turnout jodhpurs
Turnout jodhpurs are made for both girls and boys. The girl’s waistband fastens at the side with a concealed zip and dome. Boy’s waist opening has a fly front. The lower leg openings are secured with a concealed zip. A seam runs around the leg, just below the knee. A second lower leg seam runs down the outside of the leg. This seam has the leg zip openings. At the hem is a cuff. There is a choice of either hand picked or zig-zag for the finishing and top stitching. Hand picking runs down the front leg seam, around the knee seams and down each side of the zipped lower leg seam. The patch is secured by machine.
Men’s jodhpurs have a non-elasticised waistband with eight belt loops, fly front and dome and deep pockets. The leg seam starts at the hip, curves over the thigh to the knee, then straight down the front of the lower leg. Inside the leg at the knee is a patch. Please note the above image is of breeches.
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