I have loved horses and horsey things ever since I can remember. So much so I can’t remember not having a horse or being involved one way or another with horses! As a toddler dubbing with Dad around the family farm was the highlight of the day!! I really enjoyed pony club, eventing, hunting and show jumping plus farm riding when I was young.

I am married to a hill country farmer- so am extremely lucky in terms of land to ride over. We have two remarkable girls who have had an assortment of ponies over the years (some where even known to come inside!!). After a few years of horselessness – I have brought an older one for me to get going on again – so am going to be making to measure some jodhpurs for myself!!

When the kids were heavily involved with competitive riding we discovered Equejods. I loved the mail order idea- only to discover how comfy, great wearing, easy to wash Equejods are. I never envisioned owning Equejods years after purchasing at least 6 pairs over time!

I am looking forward to operating Equejods and continuing on with the top notch products that Jenny has created.

The team here at equejods knows that horsy people come in all shapes and sizes. We are experienced at catering for everyone’s personal needs and know that it is important your jodhpurs look and feel good, all day. The fabric is very stretchy and hardwearing. Most customers wear their equejods for 5-8 years before ordering their replacements.

Kate Gee-Taylor

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