Equejods has a proud new owner- Kate Gee-Taylor.

Equejods will continue to the same high standard, product quality and great website and services- only thing that's different is Equejods products are now created in Rangiwahia. Thanks to Jen for a smooth take-over and establishing such nice to wear breeches and jodhpurs for all rider shapes, age and size to enjoy.

Welcome to equejods
Equejods are hand-crafted jodhpurs made to YOUR exact size and measurements. They are made in New Zealand with the highest quality materials. Their range caters for all occasions from everyday riding and fashion to turnout breeches and turnout jodhpurs.

Equejods stretch in all the right places, stay firm and last years. They are cut by the hand of a master seamstress. They fit YOU like a second skin because they are tailor made for your body shape.

Equejods are available worldwide. Make your next pair of jodhpurs Equejods. And remember, jodhpurs look great if they are fitted correctly.
Testimonials below
I approached Jenny from Equejods with a unique request of making a pair of mens turnout breeches. Jenny was friendly, helpful and professional throughout the process. From sending fabric swatches to choose from, taking measurements and making adjustments to final delivery. I could not be happier with the result. My turnout breeches fit perfectly, look great and comfortable to ride in. The hand stitching and attention to detail is impressive. And to top it all off I’m having lots of fun and success in them. Thank you Jenny!

Jason McDonald - Sydney, Australia
  I have been a fan of Equejod jodhpurs since I bought my first pair some 16 years ago. They are the most comfortable and hard wearing jods I’ve ever owned. These jods just never wear out. I throw them in the washing machine and they come out like new, every time. What’s more, they’re stylish. I love the range of colours and styles. As a pony club instructor, examiner and judge I feel it is important to be well turned out. When I’m wearing my Equejod jodhpurs I know I’m well dressed. Thank you Jenny Shand and Equejods for an outstanding product and for your exceptional service over the years.

Sally Britton - Wellington, New Zealand
You are a genius! The jods were a present for our daughter at Christmas and are an almost perfect fit. We have bought many made-to-measure jodhpurs from many different companies over the years when we lived in Britain, but yours have been the best fit of any first pairs we have ever ordered, and I think that is where we owe you special thanks for them. Some companies have actually argued with us on the telephone that the measurements "don't make sense" and even that "no one is that shape" because our daughter is disabled. We are well aware the shape and size of them are not normal, but instead of arguing with us, you got right on with making them and the result is a wonderful fit!

In the past it has taken sometimes eight or more orders, before a company has been making them well enough for them to have been worn regularly. Because of this, she has had something like 120 pairs over the years, trying to get good fits like these were from the very first order. Thank you so much!

Amy - USA
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